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The ALTYS Research team publishes reports on the most significant market trends. These are based on information gathered by ALTYS in our offices around the world, on the informed opinion of our market professionals and on the analysis of economic fundamentals.

In addition to the reports we publish, we also perform analyses tailored to our clients' needs. Be it market rent comparisons or capitalization yield analysis, our research provides you with the data to support the best decisions for your business.


Real estate markets are a dynamic system. A rent that was competitively priced six months ago may be under or overpriced today. An experienced research team has essential knowledge and can accurately project the most appropriate rents for your building, a capitalization rate or analysis of activity in your market. In real estate, even those options that seem less relevant can prove decisive in achieving profits.


Landlords with a good database and market context have the mechanisms to make the best decisions. For clients who are happy with a lease or looking for better options, an experienced research team can inform whether the current rent is competitive within current market values. For clients planning a long-term budget, our research team can project future rents in your building or other areas of interest. For those looking to relocate, we can advise on a potential sublease of your current space or get the information you need to identify optimal alternative locations for your business.


Numbers are an essential piece of information, but without proper context and interpretation they can be misleading. We help our clients understand emerging trends to take advantage of the dynamic nature of real estate. Our research team works directly with our specialists in other areas, allowing us to accumulate the experience and know-how of the market to better help our clients make optimal decisions. With teams specializing in all types of real estate, our professionals turn information into a competitive advantage for your business.

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